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Poor Marks For PNM Government in mid term review

“The poor performance rating of the government ( in the Sunday Guardian) as it completes its mid term is not surprising since from day one the PNM did not have a plan nor the intelligence to deal with the economy and the social Disorder which has deteriorated under their charge.

There is a vast difference between the ability to win an election and the ability to govern and to achieve national

In 2015 the PNM created a belief for which the citizens fell victim that they the PNM had an aspirin for every malaise. Unfortunately they have been unmasked by the very people who were victims of their delusion and the people are now frustrated and angry.

Spending most of their thirty months to find fault with the PP government they forgot that they had a country to govern. They presided over job losses and the collapse of tourism has seen hardship especially in Tobago, even while tourism In the other Caribbean nations continue to grow and prosper.

Two areas that could have caused this economy to begin to rebound continue to be stifled by bureaucracy and Ministerial inaction. These are private sector driven housing construction and tourism. There are no Indications that diversification is a priority. Every statement of the government is meant to propagate the narrative that the former government is to blame for all that is happening.

The PNM government can best be described as being in no man’s land. With leadership at the level of the PM that is uninspiring and visionless, a leadership that divides rather than unites, a leadership that is marginalizing competent talent in favor of party hacks, the prospects for revival and prosperity remain dim as citizens are now also articulating that this government is not up to the task. The lack of leadership has caused citizens to ‘park up’ just as the government has also done.

For thirty months the PNM has behaved very immaturely trying to score political points to retain office rather than scoring points for the prosperity and security of the citizenry.

The PNM has placed this country in a very tenuous position marked by economic and social instability. Only crime reigns supreme under the charge of the PNM.

Surujrattan Rambachan.
MP Tabaquite

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