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PP is fit to govern and will govern!

Kamla12The following article (The Partnership at three: fit to govern?) by Professor Selwyn Ryan suggests that the country’s institutions are crumbling: He also raises issues about the ability of the PM to govern and not so subtly reintroduces the idea of a cabal controlling the PM.

 Dr Ryan should be asked to name the institutions that are crumbling.

  1. Was it the Govt that caused the public furore about the Integrity Commission?
  2. Was it the Govt who had a secret meeting with the Chairman of the Integrity Commission?
  3. Has the Govt undermined the rule of law/
  4. Has the separation of powers been undermined by the govt. It appears that there is a clear distinction in how the three function with the Judiciary exhibiting complete independence.
  5. Has the media been shut down by the Government. Even the Head of the IPI commented favorably on the degree of press freedom in Trinidad  and Tobago. Has any radio station or TV station or newspaper been shut down by this Govt? In fact new licenses have been granted by the govt.
  6. have elections been postponed thereby frustrating the democratic process?
  7. Has Parliament been prevented from  being convened?
  8. Has the Office of the President been disrespected by the Govt?
  9. Was it not this govt which recently approved 250 positions fro the Office of the DPP?
  10. The PP govt promised to bring procurement legislation and did so though it remains to be finalized
  11. has freedom of worship been circumscribed?
  12. has any religious body been discriminated against by the govt/ Surely not!
  13. Did the Govt not act swiftly to deal with the matter of Section 34?
  14. Was it not DR Ryan who having been presented with the State Board appointees, conclude that there was no bias in the appointments.
  15. Has the govt refused to answer questions in Parliament compared to the PNM? This in the spirit of transparency and openness!
  16. has the PM and the PP been fair? Surely they have been. Even though Tobago was lost the meetings with London continue and the obligations to Tobago also continue.

With respect to the Hon Prime Minister, Dr Ryan makes some very controversial  statements the intent of which appears to be to want to  damage the image and character of the PM.

To quote Ryan:

“There is widespread discussion as to whether the Partnership is more corrupt than was the PNM, and whether Kamla is to be blamed for what is taking place. One view is that she is chair of the board and turns the other way  even when infractions are glaring. 

She is at least guilty of condonation.  Another view is that she is either a prisoner of the cabal or is cooperating with them.

Yet another view is that she has tried to reign in her hungry courtiers, but that the she was simply unable to keep them at bay. 

My own view is that business is the business of many of her supporters and that Kamla could not keep her courtiers from the trough even if she were minded to do so. 

Put simply, there are too many persons to be monitored and paid back. “

What are the accusations. They are not new but old.

1. That the PP is more corrupt than the PNM. So Ryan admits that the PNM was corrupt!

2.  That she turns away when infractions are glaring. Where is the evidence of this Mary King? Herbert Volney? Colin Partap? Vernella  Toppin?
Cornelis Baptiste? State Board Chairmen Omar Khan, Kurt Ajodha?

3. That she is a prisoner of the cabal. Which cabal. Because this accusation is made it appears that it has to be believed. There is no cabal. The PM is a consultative leader and a consensus builder but yet is unafraid to make her own decisions based on her best understanding of the facts.

4. That she supports corruption. What rubbish/ Where is the evidence that the PM supports corruption?

So why are these accusations being made?

  1. Like when the UNC won in 1995, it was openly stated that the pendulum had swung too far the same accusation is fueling the discourse against the government. There has been and will for a long time continue to be a belief that Central and South should not be part of the “governors” of the country.  Hence the criticisms against the Debe Campus, the decentralization of Govt Ministries and the development of rural communities..
  2. By his own admission the PM continues to enjoy a favourable rating from the population. This is  not good news for those who wish to see the back of this government.
  3. The delivery record of this govt is unparalleled. In every village and town work is apace to improve the quality of life. The attention of teh govt to the simple needs of the people is bad news for the opposition. the propaganda of the opposition and writers like Ryan that the PP govt is unfit to govern is an extension of the Tobago strategy.
  4. The abject failure of the leadership of the PNM to inspire confidence in their supporters as seen a deliberate strategy to undervalue and undermime the popularity of the PM

Is the PP fit to govern?
What are the indicators of its fitness?

  • Growth in GDP over the last three quarters
  • Inflation down to between 5% and 6 %
  • Unemployment down to 5%
  • Foreign Reserves of 9.2 billion US or approx 60 billion TT
  • Heritage and Stabilization fund of 4.8 billion US or approx 30 billion TT
  • Investments by energy sector in deep water drilling and increase in well workovers
  • No foreign investor has pulled out his investment from TT
  • New foreign investments are coming in
  • Improvements in ease of doing business even leading to UN recognition
  • Settlement of 66 negotiations out of 75 left by previous govt to settle
  • resolution of CLICO and HCU matters in a way that maintained financial stability
  • Agriculture grew by 2.6 % last year
  • High level visits to TT in three years unsurpassed. Great foreign relations!
  • OPV resolution
  • Serious crimes are down

PP is fit to govern and will govern!

by Dr. Suruj Rambachan

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