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Rambachan calls on Minister of Agriculture to engage in more aggressive Market Development for Raw Cocoa

The Member of Parliament for Tabaquite, Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan calls on the Minister of Agriculture and the Trinidad and Tobago Cocoa Board to engage in more aggressive Market Development for Raw Cocoa ready to export but are now sitting in warehouses.

In one case the Member of Parliament identified a farmer with over twenty-five (25) tons of bagged cocoa ready for export but for which markets are difficult to find. He questions whether the Cocoa Board is carrying out its mandate in an effective manner especially with respect to overseas market penetration.

Dr. Rambachan said it is just not enough to boast of our high quality cocoa if we cannot find the proper markets. He complemented Mr. Harryman Chattergoon and his fifteen (15) year old son from his Tabaquite Constituency for the products they are developing beyond the raw cocoa beans for export. He is also calling upon local groceries to support them by putting these products on their shelves which are the Tabaquite Cocoa Fermentary Brands of local cocoa balls, local organic coffee, local instant chocolate and Jeevan dark chocolate.

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