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Restoring Roads in Tabaquite

Road1The Constituency of Tabaquite has some of the poorest quality roads and drains in Trinidad and Tobago. In fact, during the campaign of 2010, it became obvious to the MP that the ability to be re-elected would depend on the extent to which the roads would be restored. It is with this in mind that the assistance of the then Minister of Works Jack Warner, was sought in order to do massive repairs abut generally reconstruction.

Some of the areas most in need were Tortuga, Guaracarite, Housa trace, Lightbourne, Macaulay, Fores Park, Caratal 1, Caratal 2, Esmeralda, Mappipire, Cotton Hill off Bonne Aventure, St John’s Road and Pascall Road (both off Brothers Road), St Fabien Road, Corosal and Mamoral. The situation was compounded by the number of landslips as well as shifting soils which created engineering challenges as well as led to several homes being collapsing as a result the land movement.

It took from June 2010 to July 2012 to begin to see the results of the extensive work carried out. In the Caratal area, resident Ricky Parasan and his family who have lived there all their lives indicated that it was the first time in over forty years that the road was reconstructed. In Macaulay, Claxton Bay, residents noted that after thirty years they were treated to a first class road and drainage. In addition to these roads, the Ministry of Local Government and the Couva Tabaquite Talparo Regional Corporation have been paving a number of local roads and traces.


The following is a list of all roads paved:

1. Parforce Extension Road, Bonne Aventure – Paved

2. Massyland Road, Bonne Aventure – Paved

3. Guracarite Road, Mayo – Upgraded and Paved- 900m

4. Allen Street Extention, Gasparillo – Paved

5. Hunger March Ext., Charles Street, Gasparillo – Paved

6. Prem Avenue, Parforce Road, Gasparillo – Paved

7. Bonne Aventure Main Road – Repairs and patching

8. Johnson Street – Repairs and patching

9. Mappepire Road – Repairs and patching

10. Corosal Road – Repairs and patching

11. Rebecca Richmond Road – Repairs and patching

12. Esmeralda Road – Repairs and patching

13. Mungal Trace – Paved

14. Prem Avenue Rd., Parforce Road, Gasparillo – paved- 130m

15. Mayo Road – upgraded and paved

16. Pooban Street, Charles Street – Paving

17. Jaggessar Street, Charles Street – Paving

18. Belmontes Road, Gran Couva – over 7 loads of material spread to improve road

19. Attawal Road, Gran Couva – Over 3 Miles of Agricultural Access Road Upgrade (WIP)

20. Material laid on 2 side streets off Belmontes Road

21. San Pedro, Gran Couva- 400 ft. Road Repairs (stone/oil sand)

22. Alley Street, Whiteland

23. Seecharan Trace

24. Jeethan Trace South Parforce

25. Fahey Street, Whiteland

26. Leemong Road

27. Dunmore Road

28. TPD Road

29. Diaz Road

30. Bagitola (Macaulay)

31. Whiteland Cemetery Road – Upgrade

32. Prairie Avenue ( Macaulay)

33. Cumberbatch Trace, Ecclesville – Mobile Patching

34. Kanchan Hill – Caratal – Mobile Patching

35. Mt. Pleasant Road, Springvale – Minor Repairs and patching

36. Mota Trace, Tabaquite

37. Alleyne Road – Extensive mobile patching

38. Soodeen Trace, Parforce – Road Paving

39. Surjbally Trace, Caratal Road – Road Repairs

40. Bhawansingh Extension

41. Henry Street – Paving

42. Thompson Street Extension-

43. Johnson Street Extension

44. Perry Caratal

45. Barron Avenue – 340 m

46. Jeffers Lane, Charles Street

47. Circular Drive, Springvale

48. Jeetan Avenue North

49. Lightbourne Road

50. Caratal No. 3

51. Macaulay Trace – 1 km

52. Hermitage Road

53. Caratal Section 2

54. Bocal Avenue, Forres Park

55. Chariah Street – 500 ft

56. Perry Caratal – 800 ft

57. Soodeen Trace

58. Bhagwansingh Extension – 250 ft

59. Lightbourne Main Road

60. Buds Road, Morne Roche

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