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Rocking chair governance

PNM has adopted Observer Status and the country continues to suffer…
The most recent report of the IMF following its visit to TT on the eve of the budget shows that the Rowley led government has adopted the “observer status” with respect to the economic, structural and other strategies and interventions required to turnaround the economy of TT.

It is clear that the government does not have an economic plan to kick start the economy and is relying on the traditional oil and gas to take us out of the recession.
Unfortunately these wasting assets will soon be exhausted and with the global economy becoming less dependent on oil and with the USA becoming a significant player in the gas market Our ability to become a sustainable diversified economy is receding due to PNM inaction.

In the midst of this latest report by the IMF and in the context of its “observer status” the unemployment rate continues to rise, poverty is growing, crime continues to reach unacceptable levels despite the claims by the police that serious crimes are down and growth in GDP is not hopeful.

The country has descended into a state of hopelessness fueled by a PNM leadership that is not inspiring the nation nor providing hope for the future.
The government can no longer be an observer to the plight of the people. They must present an economic recovery and reconstruction plan as well as deal decisively with the rampant bold faced criminal elements who are terrorizing our citizens.

We did not need to have the IMF to tell us what is wrong and what has to be done. We need a government that has the intelligence, the ability and the will to design and implement the relevant programs. Unless this is done jobs will continue to be lost and businesses will continue to flounder. The social Problems will also increase.

At this time the PNM has been found to be woefully wanting. Rocking chair governance which now characterizes the PNM approach to the management of the nations affairs must be rejected by “we the people.”

Surujrattan Rambachan
MP Tabaquite

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