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School Zone Signage for Added Road Safety

schoolzone_siteSCHOOL ZONE SIGNAGE

The Ministry of Works and Infrastructure’s Traffic Management Branch (TMB) has embarked on another safety initiative; namely School Zone Signage. This forms part of TMB’s role in providing traffic management services to citizens.

School Zone Signage serves as an advisory to all motorists that they must proceed with caution and reduce speed to 30km/h 200 metres before and after school  locations during school hours. This initiative aims to increase drivers’ awareness of school age pedestrians within these zones and to encourage them to utilise the necessary discretion.

Implementation of the signs, which started November last, is the first phase of this project. Thus far, 18 School Zone signs have been erected. In addition to this, pedestrian crossings outside of 11 schools have been refurbished.

Materials for these signs cost $99,000.00 and all labour (design and installation) was completed in-house at TMB’s Workshops located in Macoya and San Fernando, respectively.

TMB has been making on-going assessments and evaluation of the existing traffic management infrastructure to enhance the safety and protection of all citizens, including students.


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