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Sorry State of T&T, Need to hit the Reset Button

Everything is going wrong in this country. If it is not the judiciary it is the state of the health sector. If it is not the management of education it is the management of the economy, the public service lethargy, the national malaise when it comes to productivity and service. And now we are reading of the frightening state of the police service. The latest where a cop lends his pistol to his cousin and then he is not charged. We read of cops involved in overtime scandals and are charged. What really is going on in this country. Who’s minding the store?

In the midst of this we have a government who are blaming everything that happens here on the opposition to the point that it is now a national joke. Excuse management is the name of the game. The world bank under pressure from the Minister of Finance revises it’s growth in GDP figures creating a gap of integrity. To also read that the world bank used newspaper articles to arrive at its figures tells a sorry tale of these so called experts

Can someone really say with certainty what’s the real position of the TT economy.

In the meantime the murders continue to rise, domestic violence continues at a phenomenal rate and the dreaded Venezuelan fangs have infiltrated local gangs as admitted by the Commissioner of Police.

Despite the serious matter of the gangs from Venezuela coming here we continue to leave our borders unprotected. This country’s national security and border security is seriously compromised. We spend time blaming the opposition while the bandits go free.

We announce a registration policy for Venezuelans but we do not set a limit on the number allowed. Our health and social services cannot properly support our people but yet we are opening up to an unlimited number of refugees and asylum seekers. It is inconceivable that we are developing as hoc policies without thinking through the consequences.

What is really going on!

Surujrattan Rambachan

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