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Southern Main Road Caroni Improvement Project

Before works were done on the Southern Main Road, motorists had to cope with an extensive amount of traffic queues along the Southern Main Road, beginning east along the Caroni South Bank Road and stretching West to as far as Caroni Bridge Roundabout and Washington Junction. This has resulted in lost time, delays, increased road user costs, poorer air quality, increased transportation cost and a decrease in economic activity.

However, the Ministry’s Programme for Upgrading Road Efficiency (PURE) completed this project that spans from Washington junction to Fredrick Settlement within budget of approximately TT$90M.


· Dualling the existing main road from Fredrick Settlement to the Caroni Police station. This would include two lanes both Eastbound and Westbound (3.5 – 3.65m in width) – along with shoulders.

· Two roundabouts by the Caroni Police station and Washington Junction

· Four (4) new lanes (and shoulders) were constructed

· Approximately seven (7) box culverts were built

· A number of laybys were introduced pedestrian crossing lights were installed to facilitate safe crossing.

· As works continued, the scope increased – with the existing main road being dualled for an additional 750m (approximately).

· Two (2) additional box culverts were constructed – one south of La Paille Gardens and the other just East of the roundabout.


· Reduction in traffic congestion along the SMR

· Upgrading Washington/Cocoa Junction – Relief was brought to commuters from Kelly Village, Cunupia & the SMR with the introduction of the roundabout

· It is also expected that the number of vehicular collisions will decrease due to this introduction.

· Improved access to the Motor Vehicle Authority

· Improved alternative access to the Piarco International Airport

· Overall improvement to pedestrian and school safety

· Increased Drainage


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