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Spending under the Development Programme- Consolidated Fund

1. Only 64.5 percent of IDF spent in 2017
2. Only 75.8 percent of Consolidated Fund under DP spent in 2017

Lowest spenders under Consolidated

1 Works and Transport- 34percent
2 Community Development, Culture and the Arts- 43 percent
3 Planning and Development – 30 percent
4 Agriculture Lands and Fisheries -32.5 percent
5. Social Development and Family Services -17.2 percent
6 Judiciary-45 percent
7 Finance-16 percent
8 Sports and Youth Affairs-36 percent

Critical Ministries which can have a significant impact on resuscitation of the economy spent less than 50 percent of their Development Programme funds under the Consolidated Fund

In particular construction would have been severely negatively affected.

Under the IDF Ministry of Works and Transport spent 49.7 percent while overall IDF spending was 75.8 percent.

In general what are the implications of such low spending in capital projects mean for critical areas of Governance and Citizen Development.

For example under IDF Rural Development and Local Government spent only 40 percent while Agriculture spent only 52 percent and National Security spent only 50 percent

Conclusion- Government has a major implementation deficit in strategic Ministries.

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