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Statement by Minister Rambachan on Emailgate

suruj4Dear All,

Now that Google has provided through a certified affidavit that the E mails are Fake, it is in my humble view the role of the Police and the DPP to find out who were the co-conspirators of the fake E Mails.

For the duration of this matter, it was made to appear that I along with the AG and PM were guilty. For persons to have concocted such E Mails and then have them presented in Parliament using the cover of Parliamentary Privilege to assassinate the character of another person on what has turned out to be false claims is in my view a crime and should be so treated.

Given how this matter has been treated I will not be surprised if the media were to now express doubts about teh authenticity of the certified google affidavit.

So what does a person like me now do to clear my name. Should I make a statement in Parliament where the matter first arose. Should I go to court? What are the obligations of the Police who were investigating this matter? What will be the response of the media to this revelation or are they now going to say we will wait until the Integrity Commission reports. In this country you have to be prepared to fight your battles. The AG has demonstrated this.

Citizens will remember that over one year ago I made public google’s statement to me that no such e mails existed.

I wish to thank AG Anand Ramlogan and the PM for taking this matter up in the US Courts so that my name can also be cleared. The AG has proven to be a most courageous individual and has used the court to bring this matter to a close, or at least I think so.

Let this be a warning to every citizen that there are people who are prepared to get power by the crudest of means even if this could be framing you and putting you in jail. They should be now made to suffer the consequences through the law. Dr Rowley cannot hide under the guise of Parliamentary priveledge. he cannot protect the co-conspirators. If he does so he will be contributing to perotecting criminals. That is unaccepatable

Suruj Rambachan

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