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Suruj ramb

Stop Blaming and start doing

In response to the statement of the Minister of Local and Rural Development that illegal dumping was to be blamed for the flooding, MP for Tabaquite and shadow UNC Local Government Minister is advising Minister Kazim Hosein that the two year old rhetoric of blaming is outdated and boring.

He is asking the Minister to utilize the Litter Wardens and test the laws for littering in the courts. He reminded the Minister the success which former Chairman of the Princes Town Corporation Mr Khemchan Ramdath had in the courts by prosecuting persons for dumping . Rambachan stated that many of the Litter Wardens are inactive and downright neglecting their responsibilities. This has been due to poor Municipal Management and deficit leadership in both the ministry and the corporations.

“You cannot continue to blame. This is a reflection of your own incompetence and lack of leadership action. The nation is fed up of this irresponsible approach to managing where everyone else except the government is being blamed. The result is chaos and frustration,” noted Rambachan

Meanwhile Dr Rambachan has also lamented the lack of prompt action by the Minister of Works in initiating to clean up and dredge Water courses as well as identifying areas for retention ponds to control the volume and flow of water.

Citizens he observed also have a role to play. But laments Dr Rambachan that this is a society where the consequences for deviancy are not felt unless the burden is materially felt. The Minister wants to be seen as nice guy but the country suffers from this approach.

Surujrattan Rambachan

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