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Street lights needed on main road

LettersTHE EDITOR: In these modern times I have realised that there are areas along the busy Tabaquite Main Road without street lights. Even though the country has been on a major street-lighting exercise for many years.

On this stretch of roadway there are no shoulders except at the corner of Ajodha Road and Main Road. In case of an emergency, the only available area is at this corner.

This area is very important because farmers from the adjoining estates drop off workers, plants, fertilisers and other agricultural supplies and store their produce for pick-up at this junction.

Passengers including farmers and their employees, workers from nearby projects and school children seeking transport use this area as a pick-up and drop-off point.

So this is the only emergency stop, but there are no street lights from LP #28 (around Brigade Road) to LP#15 (around Guanapo Road). Therefore, I am requesting that the area be properly lit with street lights.




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