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Suruj: 50 Food cards not enough

Member of Parliament for Tabaquite has expressed deep concern about the number of people who flooded his office today, Monday 23rd March 2020 as well as the offices of the Councillors from his Constituency seeking food.

The Member of Parliament and his Staff found that 90% had lost their jobs in small businesses and bars as well as in the school feeding programme. Some had been laid off because they could not be kept as housekeepers. At the same time while the MP is expressing his appreciation for the announcement of fifty (50) food cards for children on the school feeding programme, this number of food cards cannot fill the requirements in his Constituency since the number of children exceeds the fifty (50) food cards. Tabaquite Constituency has eighteen (18) Primary Schools. H calculated that if ten (10) children are in dire need of these cards from each school this number far exceeds what is being given.

The Member of Parliament is suggesting that the Government work with a greater degree of rapidity to deal with what might be a major social problem. In the meantime, the MP has begun discussions with other constituents to set up soup kitchens in the severely affected parts of the Constituency.

Of note also is the number of Venezuelans turning up for assistance, they too having lost their jobs in the bars and other small businesses throughout the Constituency.


Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan

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