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Suruj: AG Statement on Emailgate Disturbing

I am extremely disturbed by the statement of the AG that the E-mail Gate matter is far from over. As one of those accused, and given the recent statement by the Police Commissioner I feel that political manipulations are possible and that justice can be tampered with.

The PNM Government has been demonstrating a “get them at all costs” attitude when it comes to the UNC. I wish to remind the AG that he is AG for all the people and not the PNM. In forgetting that as AG he must adopt a quality of neutrality that is beyond reproach he will be betraying the trust accorded to both him and his office. If he betrays this trust the public will not be accorded the protection they are entitled to under the law.

The AG must not meddle in the police investigations. His comments on this matter appear in my considered opinion to be directed at influencing the DPP. This sordid affair must be brought to an immediate end but I will not be surprised given the AG’s comments, that the matter can see a course that is not in keeping with justice.

The AG must be careful that he is unconsciously or even consciously using his position to delay justice on this matter because he thinks that the matter should not be determined during the course of the current government’s tenure.

As is customary in the legal fraternity I conclude by saying “I so advise.”

Surujrattan Rambachan
MP Tabaquite

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