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Suruj: Agencies Granting Approvals for Construction Must do Better

Agencies involved in granting approvals for the construction sector must get their act together sooner rather than later.

This is the view of Surujrattan Rambachan Member of Parliament and land and housing developer.

Dr Rambachan has indicated that the construction sector is going to be slow in terms of take off given the delays being experienced in the processing of applications at Town and Country as well as Clearance Certificates from WASA and final Approvals by Regional Corporations. A new normal is now required in terms of work ethics if the economy is to take off. The slow process at agencies means that housing starts are being delayed as well as mortgages cannot be completed because WASA completion certificates are delayed.

If the economy is to be resuscitated then the construction sector particularly housing starts in the private sector must be facilitated.

Dr Rambachan is calling in the Prime Minister who holds the portfolio for Planning to intervene since the delays are costly for both Purchasers and developers. Further it is necessary to increase employment at a rapid rate to reduce state dependency and to secure families.

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