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Suruj Calls for Transparency in San Fernando Waterfront Project

Responding to the announcement that the San Fernando Waterfront Project is about to begin, UNC Shadow Minister of Works and Transport Suruj Rambachan has called on the government to be more transparent and provide clarity as to how the $10 million allocated in the 2018 Budget will be spent on the initial phase of the project.

The Minister of Planning was very vague, said Dr Rambachan as to what will be accomplished with this 10 million. There must be identifiable projects with timelines to avoid the nebulous environment which now characterize the announcement.

Dr Rambachan said that the UNC welcomes the idea of the redevelopment of San Fernando but the cost overrun syndrome for which the PNM has been known over the majority of its projects must be avoided in a time of scarcity.

The public has a right to details especially since this investment will mean trade offs in other areas of national development important to citizens.
Dr Rambachan and the UNC also wants to get an assurance that the historical buildings will not be demolished Willy-nilly but will be integrated into the newer aspects of the project. This country, he asserted has had a low value on its Historical assets.

Surujrattan Rambachan MP

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