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Suruj Congratulates Top Students

Excellence in parenting, disciplined student, focused and dedicated teachers form the formula for success

I wish to congratulate the two young ladies Veshala and Saanjali on their academic achievements. They by their stories thus far have given the formula for success. From simple humble families they have set wonderful examples of what it is to be persons with the right values.

It is pellucidly clear that they have come from
Families where parenting is of a kind and quality which ought to be emulated and this conclusion is made on the basis of what the girls have stated in their post success interviews. At a time when we are challenged in the area of parenting it will be good to closely examine what defines these parents as “parents”.

On another note why is it that the denominational schools continue to excel in the area of scholarships and high performance.

I believe that a serious University Dept of Education as well as Management would write case studies for teaching purposes as to what are the characteristics of a high performing school. This should be compared to low performance schools.

The answers to improving low performance schools are with us in the stories of success of the high performance schools. In addition the story will be even more valuable in terms of strategic interventions when we also examine the decline of the prestigious schools like St Marys and QRC. What has gone wrong with these schools?
If we are serious give some thought to my suggestions.

Surujrattan Rambachan MP .

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