Suruj: Covid-19 will not take the PNM over the line

Terrance Deyalsingh MP for St Joseph has pressed the PNM panic button when he admitted that the management of the Pandemic is no guarantee that he is going to Win his seat. Using the example of Churchill he noted that Churchill won the war but lost the elections. Deyalsingh also said that people want water, houses, jobs , roads, lights and community centers. He no doubt was reflecting on the failure of the PNM to improve the quality of life of citizens after five years in office.

The upcoming elections will not be fought on Covid 19. It will Be fought on the perception of the electorate as to who will be able to manage the affairs of this country in a way that provides “life” security.

Every human being has four rights: the right to the comfort of sustainability work, shelter and food, the right to education health care and personal development, the right to live in a society where leaders govern by moral conduct, are ethical and where people feel equal., the right to freedom from Sorrow and the experience of happiness. These are not just the expectations of people. They are human rights. How has the PNM performed?

The reality of high unemployment with low prospects for getting jobs in the short to medium term is a reality. The ability to repay debts incurred by the PNM with no new sources of revenue and falling energy prices is a reality. The world is going green, divesting itself from dependence and use of fossil fuels in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. The PNM is still in the oil and gas basket while Point Lisas continues to see plants being closed.

Covid 19 has exposed the poverty that is rampant in this country and more than this the fringes of the economic cliffs upon which people are living on and from Which they can fall off anytime. The reason being that the PNM has had no plan to transform this economy through a sustainable diversification program. Providing millions in salary support and rents as well as hampers is not sustainable. The people need to be fed but you cannot keep borrowing into perpetuity to provide social support.

Sooner rather than later your reserves will be depleted and the iron Hand of the IMF will be upon us as a nation. Debt created by a govt especially debt to finance recurrent expenses is a burden on the citizenry present and future. The workers will have to pay through higher taxes and denials of social services.

The topsy turvy PNM and its leader said that there is not enough land for agriculture in Trinidad. Blah!! They seem to forget the modern methods of production and processing. They seem to
Forget That food security in this pandemic is a must. Distribution of packets of seeds to households to plant is good but it does not solve your food security issues. If you want to turn around agricultural production and create food security begin with respect for Farmers.

The government has also failed miserably in terms of affordable shelter. Several programs announced by them have not materialized. Where there is a failure to adequately shelter and feed people you create social disturbances. Food and shelter is tied to job creation. This government has been presiding over large scale unemployment. They have not been able to Attract the investments required to create new sustainable jobs. They are dashing the remaining hopes of people. There is no lifeline from the Pnm. There are no PNM lifeboats. The ship is sinking even with Gypsy on board.

When the PNM came to Parliament our in 2015 the voracious Tobago MP Shamfa Cudjoe proclaimed “we are in charge and you will Have to deal with that”. Yes you have been in charge but what have you done to ensure life security for the people. What have you done to protect people in their homes and businesses from Being robbed and innocent persons killed.
The people now boldly declare, “we the people are in charge and we will show you the PNM the exit door”

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