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Suruj: Everyone wants change but who’s leading the change

Wherever you go in TT people are clamoring for change. They want better governance although most people do not know what that really means except to point out that good governance means for them less of a daily struggle, less crime, greater personal And family security including a sustainable job. People are fed up of the way they are being governed. They are tired of being told what to do and how to do it. They feel excluded from national decision making. They feel that they are idle spectators to their plight as citizens, that the politicians don’t really care about them compared to how they care about retaining power. As such they see political Conflict dissolving the energy of the nation and progress that should bring prosperity stymied.

They speak of a disenchanted youth of moral decay but everyone is waiting on someone to lead us out of all of this CONFUSION. Because of the confusion there is a national drop out mentality being developed to the detriment of us all.

Where are we going. Who is going to lead us out.

The change will not come from the politicians. The people will have to lead the change. It is situations like that which now exists in TT that brings about a national revolt not necessarily violent nor social Protests on the streets . We are seeing it in many other ways. A recalcitrant public service, public institutions which are unhelpful to the development of the country, frustrated private sector taking its business elsewhere, fights in schools, prostitution and growth of bars and alcoholic consumption although it might be cheaper liquor. Yes there is a national revolt.

Change is a must but it is not all about the economy and crime.

A people’s revolution is required in terms of PATRIOTISM. We must not be afraid to stand up And speak Out. This has nothing to do With which party you like or dislike.
It has to do with whether you like your country. This is not about shouting from a political platform. It is about ACTION.

Was Panday right when he once promoted civil Disobedience not as a violent response but as non cooperation, a state of withdrawal so that those who govern will understand that they have no power without the cooperation of the people.

Who is questioning how our taxes are being spent? Who is questioning the efficient use of borrowings by the government which will Be a debt for citizens to pay. When a country has to use resources to pay debts the people are denied services. Who is questioning the state of unemployment in the country especially south and central. Who is questioning the war zones that have developed in our schools. Who is questioning the level of losses by state companies. Who is leading the required national debate on the People’s Vision for a Better Country
We can do better if as a people we take the leadership Role that will facilitate change not the kind that is spoken about but the kind that is experienced

Suruj Rambachan

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