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Suruj hit Rohan over pothole

The inefficiency of the PNM Government and their management of the country by excuses and blame is once again being demonstrated by the Minister of Works blaming WASA for the majority of potholes.

As former Minister of Works I made sure that we responded to potholes within 48 hours. I made myself responsible to the public by posting my cell number on the electronic billboards to respond directly to reports. People will recall the line on the billboards which read “ Potholes Text Suruj 792-1155. “

The thousands of potholes that now create danger for road users is as a result of a government of inaction. It is a result of poor supervision of contractors hired to do repairs, a result of Ministry workers who work two and three hours and who use every excuse not to go out and work, of WASA crews and contractors using the wrong equipment to effect repairs. You cannot whacker a dug up road which hole could have been as deep as fifteen feet. You cannot fill back these holes with mud.

The reality is that the minister of Works is a great talker but he has lost control over his Ministry and will soon realize hat the citizenry has had enough of talk and public relations.
Two months ago the Minister of Public Utilities admitted that WASA had 2000 more workers than it required and that instead of retrenching them He will deploy them to do repairs. Again nothing has happened. This Minister also appears to have Lost his way.

Unless standards for repairs are set and applied rigorously with contractors being made to redo poor work at their own cost and unless there is proper detailed supervision and a fair days work for a fair days pay at WASA, no Improvement will take place.

Like us or dislike us the UNC was action oriented and productivity centered. The PNM with elections in mind will not push for any change. Instead they will suffer the country and count votes instead.

What a tragedy in the name of supposedly good governance.

Surujrattan Rambachan
MP Tabaquite from my iPhone

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