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Suruj: Probe Who Fabricated the Fake Emails

Under the cover of Parliamentary privilege the then leader of the opposition Dr Rowley read from emails alleging serious allegations against the then PM Kamla Persad Bissessar and several Ministers of Government in the PP.

I was one of those accused. Despite the incontrovertible evidence that the e mails were fake the matter was allowed to remain in the public domain staining the character of those so accused of serious criminal intent. It is now almost six years that this matter was being investigated. During that time in a country where rumor mongering is a national pastime and where people enjoy labeling politicians, thousands have cast serious aspersions upon the character of those accused in the e mails read in Parliament by Dr Rowley.

Damage like this cannot be undone especially where at the level of the Integrity Commission there appears to have been calculated attempts to create doubts about the innocence of the accused. Today we are seeing the spectacle of one of those who resigned in the imbroglio of the e mail gate at the level of the integrity commission now the head of another inquiry aimed at the opposition in particular.

It is said that truth always triumphs and in this case it has triumphed. Even after six years
The question now is what does moral leadership require of Dr Rowley. Leadership and moral responsibility go hand in hand. The institution of parliamentary privilege must not be used to defame and worst yet to promote blatant untruths.

The forum of parliament which was used must now be used to apologize. Failing this on the part of Dr Rowley will be an affront to the integrity of the parliament and to his personal integrity. But again Dr Rowley will argue that there is no need to apologize. He simply read what was sent to him in the proverbial mail box.

Has this saga ended. Maybe not. How about getting to know who contrived the fake emails in the first place. Won’t that be interesting.

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