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Suruj slams gov’t as councilor forced to operate from roadside

The sight of the Elected Councillor for Cedros , Shankar Teelucksingh sitting at the roadside to conduct official business because his rent for the official office has not been paid is unfortunate and unbecoming of how a Councillor should not be treated.

With the PNM Government preaching local Government reform, it is to say the least, hypocritical that they cannot pay the rent. The under resourcing of local
Government remains a sore point. Local Government is government that is closest to the people and is at the heart of a truly participative democracy. Councillors play a most important role in getting services to people especially in rural Communities as well as bridge the governance gap Between the center and the local Communities.

The PNM should hold their heads in shame since this is not the only Councillor who has been so affected.

In the meantime it has become necessary to ask the Government to clarify whether it is their intention as part of the local government reform to offer VSEP to all local government workers and then rehire and /or contract out services now offers by local government.

The people deserve answers!

Surujrattan Rambachan
MP. Tabaquite

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