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Suruj: The People Feel Deceived

It is a very sad moment in the life of a politician be he or she Prime Minister, Minister or MP, when they must hide from the people whom they courted and who they swore to serve.

The deleting by the Prime Minister of his telephone number and the threat of sedition charges for making a public number available to the public speaks of a government which is in a state of panic and behaves with sheer arrogance.

While there are Persons who will misuse the telephone number of a high official of government, that number is very minuscule.

The reason people will try to get to a very high official more often than not has to do with their experience of helplessness with a stubborn public service and unresponsive Ministers.

There is in this country a seething anger borne out of disappointments and frustration at not getting quality service from The government.

The issue of the PM’s telephone number is irrelevant to the quality of governance which people expected and have not received.

The nation is now beginning to feel the effects of poor governance be it in job losses, economic stagnation, higher prices, threat of unemployment and criminal attacks on citizens. In all of this they see an impotent PNM administration with lots of talk but short on action.

They feel deceived!!!!

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