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Suruj: The world needs to observe a genuine moment of prayer

The world needs to observe a genuine moment of prayer which will begin with a request for forgiveness for us humans fir how we have treated Earth and the environment, for how we have treated human beings, animals, rivers the ocean and plants.

Our prayer must also Ask God not to turn his face away from us but to have mercy as we admit our failings.

Our prayer must seek the help of God as a child seeks the help of a loving parent and a servant of a living master.

Let us pray:
Dear Lord
Forgive us our transgressions and our inhumanity. You are showing us in this crisis who is the master and who is the servant. You have shown us in the last few weeks how raj we are in the face of your might.

We know that without your mercy and your compassion your grace we will not be able to overcome this crisis.

We submit to your will and surrender into
Your hands our fate and seek your intercession.
Protect us your children O Mighty Lord of the Creation
Peace peace peace

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