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Suruj: Time to enact Building Code

The Member of Parliament for Tabaquite joins the National Community in an expression of prayerful Gratitude to the Creator for the mercies bestowed upon us as a Nation with respect to the massive Earthquake that occurred yesterday.

While we discuss the need for the National Building Code we must also take note that the structural damage that has occurred with a 6.8 magnitude earthquake was to say the least minimal. This does say something about the quality of buildings we have constructed and reinforces the role which Town and Country and Regional Corporations must play in the approval of Building Plans.

It is my view that if we were constructing buildings of poor quality the destruction would have been more intense and widespread. In this regard, it is important to enact the Legislation with respect to a National Building Code and as well strengthen the staff at approving Agencies to include Civil and Structural Engineers. In addition the full implementation of building permits at the level of Regional Corporations and the effective monitoring of Construction Sites is no longer an option. We cannot afford to lose lives and in the process valuable trained Human Resources because of our failure to enforce laws.

In a Country where short cuts seem to be a way of life and compromises are rampant we must do out duty and enforce regulations when it comes to construction whether they be simple or complex.

With thanks,
Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan
Member of Parliament

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