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Suruj to Express Columnist Keith Subero: Tell the whole story

The Editor

Trinidad Express

I write in response to the Keith Subero’s Column of today’s date which makes reference to me and the construction of the overpass at Divali Nagar.

Mr Subero correctly reminds that on June 17th 2014 I promised that an Overpass would be built at Sea Lots and another at the Ferry Terminal on Wrightson Road and another at Movie Towne. Mr Subero is not also telling the nation that the reason it was not built at Sea Lots was because the Port Of Spain City Corporation did not want to give permission for us to use space in the market compound which under the PNM they have allowed. This can be verified by PURE. The then Deputy Mayor was in favor but he was pushed aside. Tell the whole story Keith Subero.

And I ask what is wrong with the construction of the walkover at Divali Nagar. The ethnic undertones of this columnist must not go unnoticed. People have also died crossing the highway at the Nagar. In addition the walkover is used by workers at the industrial estate on a daily basis.

I will like Mr Subero to answer as to why it cost 10 million for the Sea Lots walkover compared to 6.5 for the walkway at the Nagar. Why was I able to build a similar walkway at Piarco for 4.5 million.

Mr Subero once described himself as a PNM sympathizer. I am not surprised at his blatant biased approach in this column

To make accusations like he does is unfortunate and more so one would expect the Editors to find the truth. Keith Subero must not be allowed to use his newspaper space to sow seeds of division. If this is allowed your newspapers need to examine itself.

Surujrattan Rambachan

MP Tabaquite

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