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Suruj to Rohan: Is the weighing Station at Golconda legal?

Former Minister of Works and Infrastructure Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan is asking the current Minister of Works and Transport Mr. Rohan Sinanan to clarify whether the weighing Station at Golconda being used to weigh trucks and impose fines has legal status and whether that particular weighing station which appears to be formally owned by OAS is an authorized weighing station in compliance with the Laws and Regulations of Trinidad and Tobago.

With specific reference to dump trucks transporting quarry material, Dr. Rambachan said that it is very disconcerting that truckers are being weighed almost at the end of their journey rather than at the point where they purchase the material at the Quarries. This he considers to be discriminatory. In addition Truckers have reported to him that trucks belonging to Large Contractors who are working on Government Projects are not being weighed. The Minister must clarify if this is also true.

The cost to consumers will now be on the rise because consumers will have to pay more for smaller loads. Again, the Minister has not fully thought out the implications for customers and the Construction Sector.

Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan

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