Suruj: We were not pushed out

I wish to correct the impression that is being perpetrated by the media that I am one of the MPs of the UNC who was forced out of the party by the Political Leader.

I wish to make it abundantly clear that I decided a long time ago that my life plan included ending representational politics at age 70. I announced my exit in June Of 2019. I did so to give the party the space to get a new candidate and to afford a sensible transition.

I also indicated that my role would be the ushering of a new generation of leaders. In addition I have offered myself to the party to train and mentor candidates in this election as well as help prepare speeches for candidates and monitor the strategies of opposing parties and advise as requested.

Three of my other colleagues have also voluntarily exited the front line. These are Dr Fuad Khan, Dr Tim Gopeesingh and Mr Ganga Singh. We were not pushed out.

If the party needs my help I have advised the leader that I am available. In this regard I am currently engaged in activities that are strategic as well as operational.

I will be happy if the media can stop peddling a false narrative.

Surujrattan Rambachan
Former MP Tabaquite

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