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Suruj: While bodies dropping like flies the Minister twiddling his thumbs

The procrastination by the Minister of National Security with respect to the authorized use of pepper spray and other non lethal means of defending oneself against the criminal elements shows once again how little value the PNM government places upon the security of citizens.

With the terrible onslaught upon citizens particularly women and girls it is disgusting to witness the intransigence of the Minister of National Security. While bodies are dropping like flies the Minister is twiddling his thumbs and refuses to act decisively.

As a Member if Parliament I Advocate very strongly that people be given the right to use pepper spray and other non lethal Means to defend themselves. The time for talking and discussion in My personal opinion is over. The PNM government has demonstrated that it cannot protect the citizens. The spiraling crime is evidence of the failure of the government to Protect the people.

The Minister must stop the procrastination and act decisively.

Surujrattan Rambachan
MP Tabaquite

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