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Tabaquite Testimonies

Sumintra Seecharan  Age 69Sumintra Seecharan

#66 Seecharan Trace Guaracara

“The road is very good, it is the highest quality, and we get it.  I have been living here over 42 years and first time I see this road paved”


Fedlis Lugo Age 80Fedlis Lugo

Stone Road, Guaracara

“Living here since birth, I use to only use spring water then truck borne water. Now after 80 years for the first time I have pipe borne water. I am also grateful for the road, the road is plenty better. We even get a bridge.  We use to have a wooden bridge with planks to pass.  Now we have a wide concrete bridge, where two vehicles can pass at a time.  I didn’t think I would live to see this happen.”


Bernadette Badal Age 71Bernadette Badal

TPD Road, Tabaquite

“I am glad for the road, I am very happy.  I have 11 great grand and 26 grand and they are getting the opportunity to ride a bike. This road never paved. Trucks passing on the road now, but I would stop them and tell them to drive carefully and to take care of we road because we never had a road. On evening you see from tricycle to bicycles small and big, cricket, football every evening. Children can’t wait to reach home“.


Rooplal Rampartap Age 61Rooplal Rampartap

37 Thompson Trace, Brothers Road, New Grant.

“I living here for over forty years and never saw road pave like this. I feel proud of my community now.  I would like to thank the Prime Minister, and most importantly my Member of Parliament the HonourableSuruj Rambachan. Thanks to the councilor for listening to my numerous complaint. Thank you all. Villagers even going for a drive on evening, something no one ever did, they only go when the need something.


Praim Binasarie 46yrPraim Binasarie

53 St. John Road, Brothers Road, New Grant.

“For the first time we ever get anything like this, we got box drain, roads and lights. This area was neglected and was never ever maintained. The contractors are doing an excellent job. We are forever grateful to our MP. Thank you”.


Prema MaharajhPrema Maharajh

TorribTaqaquite Rod, Brothers Road, New Grant.

“The Member of Parliament the Honourable Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan is performing beyond my expectation.  The Minister himself is even present at our functions and activities in our community. That says it all on the type of MP Tabaquite is fortunate to have”.


Bobby Arjoonigh Age 45Bobby Arjoonigh

Dunmor Road, Brothers Road,

“I can’t remember how long I’ve seen this road paved, ohh! It’s just perfect. I haven’t seen marble pitch for ages, now the kids buy marble and play. Parent faced expenses to purchase all different type of balls and sporting gears. This road not only benefited the drivers but this road united my community.  Villagers are taking evening walks and exercise and this road did that. The villagers’ attitude has changed, they are friendlier to each other.  The performance of the Government has proven their position.  Excellent performance we are seeing.

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