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Thank you from Theresa Serrette

Thank youTheresa Serrette

Thanks Ministry of Works for the paving of the garden roads behind the Aranguez Villas into Mt Lambert. However finish the SERVICE to our residents motorists from all over feel it is VIRTUAL HIGHWAY they are going at breakneck speed daily since the paving. Saw a lady off the road sideways into a ditch this morning ,stopped to see if I can assist she said a big truck speeding caused her to take safer ground and she she ended up in the ditch this happened since 6am and she was awaiting a tow truck, some residents helped but to no avail. We need URGENTLY some speed bumps and some WHITE LINES at the point into Mt Lambert at both entrances and other places. CONTINUE THE SERVICE PLEASE we appreciate the paving but complete the process before more people get in accidents or hurt.Thanks Minister Surujrattan Rambachan.
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