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Thank you MP & Councillor

logoDear Editor

I am a resident of Guaracara and a Community activist on behalf of the people of my community. I wish to express our sincere thanks to our MP Dr Suruj Rambachan, to our Councillor Mr Henry Awong  and to the Government for several projects in our area. Rebecca Richmond Road which never had a supply of pipe borne water now has a supply due to lines which have been run. Seecharan Trace which was not paved for forty years has been paved. The devotees of the Temple in Seecharan Trace which serves as a meeting place for the community are thankful for the paving of their compound. At the recreation ground 52 feet tall lights are being installed which will facilitate night time sporting activities for young persons in particular. a new school has been constructed in Riversdale  to replace the old Riversdale Presbyterian School.

I am proud to say that the MP and the Councillor have generally been very responsive to our calls for assistance. as persons in communities we are quick to denounce our representatives but loathe to praise and express thanks when they deliver. This is one case where thanks is due and on behalf of my community I wish to record our sincere appreciation to our MP Dr Rambachan and Councillor Mr Awong.


Kevin Persad

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  1. suruj rambachan

    Thank you kindly Kevin for your comments and statement of appreciation
    suruj rambachan MP


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