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The Choice — September 7th 2015

vote (1)On September 7th 2015, your vote for the UNC/Partnership will symbolize the choice between Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar and Rowley as a choice between the past and the future. Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar came into office with a plan in 2010 and has fulfilled the major elements of that plan. This is why she can confidently go into the elections pointing out that the govt has achieved 90% 0f its manifesto promises of 2010. Further the govt has published these for public consumption. This in itself is a remarkable political example of accountability, openness and transparency in governance.

The choice between the Government of Kamla Persad Bissessar and the PNM is also a choice between:

• Between a govt that keeps its word and one that does not (95 % of manifesto promises kept)
• Between a govt that distributes the nation’s resources equitably or one that gives to its friends as the PNM is known to do
• Between a govt that cares for the children and one that does not
• Between a govt that has a vision and one that recycles 2020 tom2030
• Between a govt which is prepared to bring legislation to deal with corruption and one that never did and did not support new procurement legislation
• Between a govt that is strong on tough legislation and one that defers/abstains
• Between a govt that is improving the delivery of health care by providing facilities and programs and one that did nothing after MT Hope was built
• Beteween a govt that has made a mark in the international community through its foreign affairs thrusts and one that kept abstaining and adopting a posture of neutrality
• Between a govt that cares for the poor and one that cared only for the rich
• Between a govt that is encouraging small and medium size business and one that never had such an interest
• Between a govt that has achieved universal pre-school education and one that has articulated no plans for the development of our children.
• Between a govt that is working to secure middle class families and one intent on pauperizing middle class families with a return of the dreaded property tax and other harsh economic measures
• Between a govt that has not raised any personal or corporate taxes in five years and the PNM which is calling for cuts in several areas. Will mortgage interest rates for homeowners rise under the PNM?

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