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The House of 1000 Mirrors

1000 mirrorLong ago in a small, far away village, there was place known as the House of 1000 Mirrors.

A small, happy little dog learned of this place and decided to visit.

When he arrived, he bounced happily up the stairs to the doorway of the house.

He looked through the doorway with his ears lifted high and his tail wagging as fast as it could.

To his great surprise, he found himself staring at 1000 other happy little dogs with their tails wagging just as fast as his.

He smiled a great smile, and was answered with 1000 great smiles just as warm and friendly.

As he left the House, he thought to himself, “This is a wonderful place. I will come back and visit it often.”

In this same village, another little dog, who was not quite as happy as the first one, decided to visit the house.

He slowly climbed the stairs and hung his head low as he looked into the door.

When he saw the 1000 unfriendly looking dogs staring back at him, he growled at them and was horrified to see 1000 little dogs growling back at him.

As he left, he thought to himself, “That is a horrible place, and I will never go back there again.”

All the faces in the world are mirrors.

What kind of reflections do you see in the faces of the people you meet?

What reflection do others see when they look at you?

The experiences we have on a daily basis at our places of work are as a result of how we choose to start our work days. There are always going to be persons at your workplace who you like and of course those who you would not like. You cannot change the attitude of the people who are not favorable towards you. However you can change your response and approach towards them. Why waste time in sweating about whether they like you or you like them. To me that is a huge waste of emotional energy and productive time.

Instead concentrate on what is the job to be done. Concentrate on what the person has to contribute to the process or project. Praise those skills of the person. The change will come not from how you wish the person to respond but how you control your response.  You might surprise yourself at what you achieve simply by reflecting something vastly different than that which thus far has brought about negativity and conflict.

What you see in the mirror is really what you choose to project. But that depends on you having a clear vision of how you want the other party to respond. Remember nothing changes unless you change, especially so in matters of interpersonal relationships and workplace attitudes.

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