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The Staff of the Member of Parlaiment

An Essential Link in the Chain of Service Excellence

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The Member of Parliament for Tabaquite is supported by a cadre of competent Office Staff as well a hardworking and responsive Team of Field Officers who are in daily contact with Constituents. A number of volunteers also work on behalf of the Office of the MP.

Given the large size of the Constituency of Tabaquite, it was necessary to divide the Constituency into what might be termed “administrative areas.” As such there are three Sub- Offices of the MP in Macaulay, Tabaquite and Guaracara whilst the Main Office is located at Bonne Aventure, Gasparillo.
The Offices are opened daily and receive Constituents whose complaints are recorded in a notebook on a daily basis. These complaints as necessary are forwarded to the filed officers who visit and prepare a report within three days for the attention of the MP who then directs the action to be taken. Where necessary, the Constituent is invited to meet with the MP on a Saturday.

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  1. Richard Sukideo

    Excellent website- Informative – The Country can see progress recorded.

    Other MP’s should follow w this so as to highlight the Constituency’s achievements.

  2. Ravi Pooran Maharaj

    The Dr Rambachan has a very hard working and dedicated staff. They have really supported him in all ventures. keep up the good work and continue to work hard for Tabaquite.

  3. suruj rambachan

    I wish to thank all of those lovely individuals who have been visiting the web site and making comments. I want to assure you that we will like to receive both positive and negative feedback. In the case of negative feedback please give us suggestions as to how to improve.
    We are also glad that you find the time to visit our Constituency of Tabaquite website. Yesterday we released our mid term review magazine, a 36 page magazine on the performance of the MP for Tabaquite, Copies are avaiable at the office in asparillo. As well a DVD on the life and activities of the MP will be available next week. It is a 57 minute video production on the MP and his life as a politician and MP. This video will be distributed throughout the Constituency in two weeks time.
    thank you for visiting

  4. Surendranath Ravi ramnath

    Great leader and planner,love to see him work,he achieves things very simply and interact with people well,we love you guys members of the pp we have to get back this government for the next 5 years,we have a lot at stake with our supporters,if the pnm get back there they go slug the pp supporters and jack would be on a vindictive run,so support the pp and let us work hard for the elections.It is a great pleasure to meet a man that thinks like Mahatma Gandhi .

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