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The Tabaquite Greenhouse Project

Green House SThe Member of Parliament, Dr Surujrattan Rambachan, crafted the vision for this project during a meeting with the Japanese Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago. Dr. Rambachan believed that the construction and utilisation of Greenhouse Technology would be beneficial for the students of the constituency of Tabaquite, which has been a traditional agricultural area.

It was felt that this initiative would be a welcome project to the communities, as it would provide an appreciation of the value agriculture to the community as well as to national development goals. As such, the Tabaquite Vegetable Farmers’ Association was consulted as a key resource in the construction and implementation of Greenhouses in this community.

A Greenhouse, simply put, is a building with protection boundaries which allows ONLY sunlight and other limited environment factors to enter the process of agricultural production. It has basically one purpose, that is, to provide and maintain a growing environment that will result in optimum crop production at maximum yield.

The utilisation of Greenhouses provides some notable benefits and opportunities for farmers if properly implemented. These are:


1) Manipulation of Growing Season to round-the year production

2) Higher yield per unit area

3) Higher Value and Quality Crops can be grown

4) Reduction in Wastage of Fertilisers and Pesticides

5) Efficient use of Irrigation Water.

The funds for this project were facilitated by the Japanese Government through its Grassroots Human Security Programme. This Programme provides funds to enhance the socio economic development of communities in developing countries through the provision of access to basic human needs such as health, water, education and skills.

The beneficiary schools for this project will be:

1) Tabaquite Roman Catholic Primary School

2) Tabaquite Government Secondary School

3) Gasparillo Government Secondary School

4) Springvale Hindu Primary School

One other school has been selected to participate in project, that is, the Penal Rock Road Hindu Primary School which will collaborate with the Siparia Womens’ Organisation to utilise the greenhouse. The Ministry of Education will be critically involved in the development of the curriculum for the utilisation of the Greenhouses. It will also provide key educational support in ensuring that the students are provided with an effective teaching/learning experience where they will be made aware of at least three methods of agricultural production utilising Greenhouse Technology, which have been adapted for effective use within the Trinidad and Tobago climatic environment.

This project is being facilitated by the Technical Advisor to the MP Avenash Ramsoobagh  as well as Ramdeo Ramtahal and the Tabaquite Vegetable Farmers’ Organization as well as Kenrick Ramlogan , D. Mahadeo and Sons and the URP.

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