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Think Wisely

New TipsYou have the ability, through your thoughts and your efforts, to create something that has never existed before. And you have the power to choose what that will be.

It is at once a magnificent opportunity and an awesome responsibility. Your thoughts are ultimately chosen by you. Your actions, and their results, will be determined by the things you think about and the things to which you pay attention.

All achievements begin in the mind, and there is no limit to what the mind can think. Everything that anyone has ever invented, built, written, performed, produced or otherwise created, began to take shape first as a conscious thought.

Put your highest and best thoughts into disciplined action over a long enough period of time, and you’ll create a masterpiece.

What you think about, is what you will do. And what you think about, is up to you.

— Copyright © 1998 Ralph Marston Link

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