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Thoughts are like seeds

By Surujrattan Rambachan

Thoughts are like seeds. Planted in the ground and nurtured a seed grows into a plant. Further nurtured that plant becomes a tree. Further nurtured the tree brings forth fruits and flowers. The fruits and flowers were always there within the seed, the plant and the tree. Similarly, the experience is already there in the thought(s). What you think about yourself you eventually experience. This is the power of beliefs and of perception. In this way we are the authors of our experiences, good and bad. If you wish to change your experiences begin by changing your thoughts. Begin changing what you believe about yourself, about others and the world. Where the mind is there is the experience. Thought is vision which when nurtured becomes reality.

The following story was taken from the book, “The Disney Way by Bill Capodagaldi and Lynn Jackson.

There was a railroad worker in California who was sent to check on some freight in a refrigerated boxcar. While inside the boxcar, the doors shut automatically, trapping him inside. When the man failed to check in at the end of shift, a coworker found him dead in the boxcar. The following words were written on the walls: “No one is hearing my cries for help. My hands and feet are getting colder. I don’t know how much longer I am going to last.”

The eerie fact of the story is that the boxcar had been sidelined on a spur because the refrigeration unit was not working. The temperature on the outside was in the eighties, and although the temperature in the boxcar was slightly lower, it was nowhere near freezing. There was also plenty of air for the man to breathe. What happened, you may ask. His perception of freezing to death was so strong that it became reality.

What perceptions do you have about yourself that are becoming reality?

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