Time is Running out


I will be accused of being an alarmist but time is running out before people begin to starve. As a Member of Parliament my staff and I are having a terrible time telling people that we do not have the resources to help them. We are taking names but we do not have sufficient food cards nor money to buy hampers. The PNM MP’s are distributing hampers given by generous contractors. There is no problem with that. That is how the system works. This is why the MP for Toco Sangre Grande could openly compliment one John Aboud for hampers.

But the fact is that people are out of jobs and out of money. With the Open Bible Church of Bonne Aventure headed by Pastor Winston Mansingh we are starting a soup kitchen two days per week. I am financing this with my own resources. 150 Meals will be distributed at the Bonne Aventure Church in each of Thursday and Saturday from 11.30 am to 1.00 pm.

I am Going to Start the same in Tabaquite with Councillor Henry Awong and another Church Next week.

Maybe the government can work with us MP’s to feed people at least two hot meals per week rather that engage in a series of toilet paper issues to detract from their lack of planning. Today the Minister of Health again in a less than veiled manner attacked the opposition for non-cooperation. It is the onus of the goodly Minister to give concrete evidence of his accusations or shut his polluted mouth. My colleagues and I are doing our best to help People.

Businessman are scared to help us because they fear losing their contracts. In many cases when approached they have shown me how they are helping their own workers. Kudos to them. My colleagues and I will serve the people and this country in this crisis and will not stand by silently and be accused by Minister Deyalsingh in such a ludicrous manner. Time is running out.

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