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Too many unnecessary Committees in Regional Corporations

Dr Suruj RambachanThe Minister of Local Government, Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan, said Municipal Corporations need to be more proactive and productive.

As part of the ongoing public consultations about Policy on Local Government Transformation and Modernisation, the Minister spoke at a Forum in Chaguanas.

He said there are too many unnecessary committees comprising people who are observers rather than contributors and this is doing a great disservice to communities.

“When I read the Minutes of Corporations, when I see the number Committees you have set up in every single Corporation that is doing no productive work except repeating the work of the four major Committees, I have a problem with that.”

The Forum opened the floor to the people of the communities to air there concerns.

One such person was Mr. Wayne Sooknanan who is one of the residents affected by the construction of a cement batching plant in Cunupia.

He said his daughter has been hospitalised and the situation is becoming unbearable for residents and blamed the Municipal Corporation for not using their power to intervene.


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