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Tunapuna Chamber supports Govt move

TunapunaThe Greater Tunapuna Chamber of Industry and Commerce has thrown its supports behind the Government’s move to give precept powers to members of the Defence Force through the Defence (Amendment) Bill, but calls for management and monitoring.

In a release on Saturday, the Chamber’s president, Taran Singh, stated that they believed it was a move in the right direction given the unprecedented level of crime that exists.

“We note that joint police-army patrols have always existed in this country and the move to formalise this arrangement is a positive one, as the legislation ensures that there is a clearly defined separation of powers and that the constitutional rights of all are preserved.”

“The GTCIC stresses, however, that this initiative must be strictly managed and monitored by those in authority in order to obtain the desired results. In this regard, we are happy with the proposed two-year term for this initiative,” Singh said.

Singh who also commended Government for taking the views and comments of stakeholders into consideration before making the necessary adjustments to the Defence (Amendment) Bill, added that there is no level of crime that is acceptable.

“And any lawful initiative aimed at reducing criminal activity will be fully supported by the Greater Tunapuna Chamber of Industry and Commerce.”


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