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UNC ushering the next generation of leaders

Be a member of the team to get TT working again. Your country needs you 
The local government elections are over but the race is far from over. 
Just as the elections concluded word is coming out of the closure by ANSA of their  window fabricating plant in  Longdenville sending  90 workers home. In addition Unilever is about to retrench about 200 workers. Under the PNM people are losing jobs. The economy like it or not is flat. Something is wrong. The role of a government is to ensure that people enjoy the basics which include sustainability of employment. This is clearly not happening in TT at this time. 
People are fed up of a PNM government which has spent the better of four years in blaming  Kamla and the UNC but have not been implementing policies aimed at protecting jobs and expanding the economy. People are quietly but surely losing their homes, their cars are being repossessed and they are finding it difficult to make ends meet. It is therefore no Surprise to me that the popular vote went to the UNC by a clear majority crossing the 50 percent mark. 
The Kamla who they thought was dead has resurrected her leadership and staked her claim. She and her team defeated money and media by doing what the UNC has always done. That is being with the people. All the attempts to Demonize the UNC and to denigrate and destroy Kamla have gone to zero. Now that she has pushed ahead of the PNM  substantially  defeating them in SAngre Grande and making inroads in San Fernando speaks of a leader who Has not lost her sense of purpose. 
 The UNC is ushering a new generation of leaders whose energy and ideas will bring about the change which everyone desires. 
Now is not a time to sit by and be a silent spectator. Join the next generation of leaders and make a difference for yourself for country and for the future. Duty beckons you to be part of this the next generation of leaders and stop The decline and the moral decay that is engulfing this nation. Be part of Cause TT. A nation that is humane, where citizens are secure in their homes and in their communities, where everyone has a meal, where children can realize their dreams. This is the cause of the UNC and the duty of the next generation of leaders. Have the courage and patriotism to Step Forward and boldly declare 
“I am Ready to serve TT “
Suruj Rambachan
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