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Update on Roads and Bridges Penal/Debe

This is an update of work carried out by the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation on Roads and Bridges

Photos and information provided by Hyacinth Rampersadsingh Councillor for Quinam/ Morne Diablo


Goodman TraceGoodman Trace


Rampagat TraceRampagat Trace


Seemungal Branch TraceSeemungal Branch Trace


Seemungal TraceSeemungal Trace


Motor Ranch TraceMotor Ranch Trace


Deoraj Trace (In Progress)Deoraj Trace (In Progress)


Detour bridge at Kangaloo TraceDetour bridge at Kangaloo Trace


Bridge in progress at Bunsee TraceBridge in progress at Bunsee Trace


Bridge Constructed at Grant Trace Morne Diablo.Bridge Constructed at Grant Trace Morne Diablo.

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