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Visit2Today, I visited Cedros, Icacos and Fullerton on the invitation of Mr Basdeo Manmohansingh  and Mr Esook Ali to look at some of the problems and needs of residents in the area. I was accompanied by Mr  Fitzroy Beache Councillor for the area and Member of the Siparia Regional Corporation. It is very refreshing to meet and discuss the needs of a community with persons like Basdeo and Esook particularly since they have been born in the area and have never left the community but continue to take a most active interest in its development.

Basdeo Manmohansingh served with distinction as a Councillor at the St Patrick County Council from 1983 to 1987 when I was Chairman and worked extremely hard to develop physical infrastructure and cultural activities. The major development of the Manmohansingh Park began during his tenure. One of the projects which we worked on together was the construction of a monument to mark the arrival of East Indians to Trinidad. The monument still stands at the Park in Cedros and has become a place for annual Indian Arrival Day celebrations.

Basdeo wanted to have the Manmohansingh Park upgraded. he also pointed out that under the Peepal tree next to the monument, devotees of the Hindu faith regularly perform poojas. A gazebo is needed to replace the shed where devotees now congregate for their worship activities. The park itself needs to be re-paved and the bathroom facilities require upgrading. This will be done.

In Campbell Street a number of houses are affected by poor drainage. This too requires urgent attention since the houses are being affected at the level of the foundations. An engineering survey will be done to decide on a solution to the problem.

Icacos Mosque

Icacos Mosque

Icacos, I was told by Mr Esook Ali, well know businessman and community builder suffers from flooding due to the inability of the drains to drain out into the sea. Mr Esook took me in his 4×4 across along the beach to visit the mouths of five rivers which flow into the sea. He proposed a solution which is to have a backhoe regularly clear the channels into the sea. This will be examined. Incidentally Mr Esook Ali has been very instrumental in the construction of the Icacos Mosque which is truly beautiful.

Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs

With Councillor Beache, I also visited Columbus Bay where I met several persons from as far as Arima having a bath. Within the next two weeks proper bathroom facilities will begin to be constructed through the URP Program. I will be having discussions with my colleague Mr Stephen Cadiz, Minister of Tourism to seek his help in further developing the beach facilities since it well used by visitors.  The beach however was filled with about twelve “stray” dogs patiently awaiting the scraps from the lunches of visitors.

repairs to cedros recreation ground

Cedros Recreation Ground.

I also had a chance to visit refurbishment works being done by the Siparia Regional Corporation at the Cedros Recreation Ground.

Coromandel Shiv Mandir

Coromandel Shiv Mandir.

In Coromandel, I stopped at the Coromandel Shiv Mandir. Though I did not meet any of the devotees (it was midday) this week the URP program will be undertaking works to assist in the refurbishment of the facilities.

I was very happy to also meet former Councillor  Samnarine Teelucksingh who did not accept payment for a ginseng! Thank you Mr Teelucksingh.

The drive from Chagauans to Icacos was two hours. It was worth every effort as the peace of the early morning prevailed upon my mind and took away from me the many and multifaceted range of problems a Minister of Local Government has to deal with on a daily basis. I attach several photos that reflect the beauty of this part of the island and invite you to also visit Cedros and Icacos when time permits.


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  1. sherry karim

    This was an awesome move on your part Mr Rambachan. I can clearly see,that you are making quite an effort to help the residents of this community.Thank you very much. I lived in Los Gallos Cedros in the seventy’s. It’s a lovely place with very kind and homely people.
    I honestly think when the bathroom facilities are re established,one or two persons are chosen to upkeep the facility.
    thanks again for a great move forward.

  2. sherry karim

    Great,thanks again,keep up the good work.

  3. P Gopaul

    Since your last visit, what progress was made?.I am asking because I am from Cedros but live in the US…….and no Basdeo Manmohansingh did not serve with distinction.You have it all wrong Mr Rambachand.

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