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We are playing the fool with the future of this country

The more I sit in Parliament and listen to the PNM Ministers answering questions the more I realize that they are incompetent and out of touch. For four years this government has blamed and blamed and blamed the UNC for the country’s woes. However let’s be real. What have they done to deal with the situation. The PNM Government does not realize how pathetic it sounds by its complaining rather than doing. If they have not realized it as yet apart from the PNM sycophants the generality of the population is fed up with the state of affairs of the nation.
Be Real!

1. What is the state of health Care in This country. In which other country would political spite be used to deny the use by the public of the Couva Hospital. The Minister of Health is more about scoring points over what the UNC did it did not do compared to improving the delivery of health care.

2. What is the state of our roads. Pot holes, broken signage, dilapidated cable barriers, vehicles that should not be on the road. And a Ministry of Works and Infrastructure doing nothing to alleviate the situation. Does pulling new vehicle numbers by the computer solve any of the real traffic and road problems.

3. What is happening to the supply of water in this dry season. Where is the planning at the Ministry of Public Utilities. Where is the high performance expected from the guru from Ghana Robert Le Hunte

4. What is the state of national security. Our citizens are under threat. Their homes are being invaded. Murders are on the increase. Only gun talk comes out of the mouth of the minister of National Security. Gang leaders held. Gang leaders freed. What a sordid mess

5. What is the state of education. Are our children really being educated or are they being schooled. The minister seems not to care. Schools are now battle zones. Do we realize what is happening to the under 19’s in our country. Fete them let the jump Up and wave and wine. Everything is gonna be all right.

6. What is the state of the judiciary. People are losing confidence in the judiciary. The system is limping along but the judicial sores are not being healed by the radical surgery needed.

7. What is the condition of the public service and state companies which continues to be embarrassed at hearings of the Joint select committees of parliament.

This country is SICK because the governance mind of the PNM Government has collapsed

And with it there continues to be massive institutional collapse.

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