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We need more change agents

Just as the light of a deya removes darkness in its immediate surroundings and just as the adjoining lights of several Deyas light up a greater area of darkness so too as a united group of change agents we can make a national difference.
Mayor of Chaguanas His Worship Gopaul Boodhan said at Divali Nagar 2018 that “reformers are change agents.” He was a referring to the theme of this year’s Divali Nagar which is Hindu Reformers.

The Mayor is absolutely correct. Nothing happens in a society, village, organization, a home or a country unless you have change agents. The progress we want has to driven by people who gave to be disenchanted with the current status and inspired by that very disenchantment engage in a process and actions designed to improve the situation and / or circumstance. The vision of the change required us also a necessity.

Here in our country there is national disenchantment. However change agents are few. It appears that people are not however sufficiently strongly disenchanted to cause a change in the process by which we are governed. As citizens We are victims of a level Of abuse that is intolerable whether
It is from criminals, the bureaucracy, as customers and by the politicians.

The cries of our citizens for relief from national stress, from lazy and unresponsive public servants is creating mental health problems and truncating economies and business progress. Ministers charged with the responsibility to shake the system, to realign it with the needs of citizens appear to be stuck in time. The rhetoric of blame and the cause of power retention now supersedes the cause of national progress. There is a fight but for the wrong reasons.

Every moment the government speaks it is about the opposition. When would they realize that they are demonstrating that they are not capable of handing the crisis that is now in our living rooms, our bedrooms, our schools and public institutions. When will they realize how foolish they look by their thirty eight months of excuses and blaming the opposition. The nation’s major institutions have collapsed. Respect for law has gone through the roof. Leadership is absent. It is one crisis after another. Eleven murders in a weekend! The “governors” are like spectators to the plight of the “governed.”

Appear at Divali Nagar in Kurta. Celebrate Divali at the Diplomatic Center and everything is gonna be all right. What a foolish people we can be.

Where are the reformers as change agents. In this country we are waiting for others to do for us. Gandhi reminded us that we must be the change we want.

Yes I too am a politician but I shook the system whether as Mayor or Minister and got work done. Like me or hate me I chose to be a change agent! How about you?

Surujrattan Rambachan

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