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What value do I get from my tax dollars?

This is a copy of a status that I took from someone that offered a different perspective on the new Property Tax.

“What value do I get from my tax dollars? I pay 25% of my salary to the government every year.

Every item I purchase I pay value added tax of 12.5%. That equates to 37 1/2% already going back to the state.

I pay for my electricity and water.
I pay for my fuel which by the way has increased three times over the last two years. That alone has driven the cost of goods and services up. Everything revolves around transportation. When fuel prices increase therefore, so will everything else.

I shop locally and pay three and four times the value of items I purchase. This is a day of information technology. At a touch of a button I can see what the value of any item is worth.
I opt to buy online because there I find better value for money.
The state sees me doing it which of course affects local businesses. They decide to apply a 7% online tax to force me to buy locally. To force me to pay $4 for a $1 item. They say it is to conserve foreign exchange. Really? When I buy from the local stores do they not use the same foreign exchange you say you want to conserve to bring in those items?

Rather than insist that the Consumer affairs division step in and force the local price gougers to reduce their prices, they try to strong arm me into buying local.

I am forced to pay for every service at the banks. I am charged 12 and 15% on a loan while the banks offer me 1/2% interest on my account which is eaten up by the services charges I pay to maintain said account. Yet their is no legislation to protect me from those criminals.

I sacrifice to save, to purchase a piece of land upon which I build a house. Paying tax on every piece of material I use. I pay bridging finance to the bank before getting my completion certificate. I then have to pay a mortgage which adds up to twice the value of the money borrowed to build.

Then on top of that, I am now asked to pay a property tax based upon a rental value. Rental Value? Therein lies my problem. My tax dollars do absolutely nothing for me. I don’t access any grants from the state. I don’t access public health care. I don’t drive on good roads. I don’t feel secure to travel around the country or sleep in my bed. If I call for an ambulance, more than likely I will be dead by the time they arrive. If I my wife calls for the police, they will arrive just in time to draw a line around my body, if they get a vehicle that is.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. So go ahead. Bring on more taxation.”

What are your views?

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