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Speaking at the Monday Night Forum of the UNC at Tulsa Trace Hindu School Member of Parliament for Tabaquite Dr. Surujrattan Rambachan urged Members and Supports of the UNC to remember and celebrate what the UNC is all about.  He said that we should be

  • Proud to be Members of the Party that represents diversity that is Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Proud to be Members of the Party that respects the role of the Entrepreneurial Class but as a party we also know our responsibility to the working class, the small man, the poor and the differently abled and should always act to support them.
  • Proud to be Members  of the Party that has always promoted a participatory democracy (freedom of expression)
  • Proud to be Members of a  Party which has promoted through institutions-equality of opportunity, integrity in Public Life and the empowerment of people through Education  and Leadership.
  • Proud to be Members of a Party where there is a vision for the future based on the goal of Prosperity for all.


Monday Night Forum-Tulsa Trace Hindu School

He said “In the history of our politics I have never witnesses any Government which has been a colossal failure as the Rowley led PNM in such a short time in office.” The UNC has begun to be seen as the alternative Government in the eyes of the people. The blaming and excuse PNM Government has been stripped bare and their incompetence, lack of ideas and their “can’t do” attitude has now been revealed.  Simply put the PNM is not up to the task of managing the Country, the Economy and the social challenges.  The intelligence is simply not there in the PNM to manage the Country and what has therefore occurred is that they are simply silent spectators to the plight of the people while the Country grinds to a halt.

People are suffering under this PNM.  The middle class is dwindling into the working poor.  When the middle class cannot spend there is Economic Stagnation.  With the PNM, in times of Economic Prosperity they waste and mismanage, they are masters of cost overruns.  In times of crisis they run away demonstrating that they are incapable.  They run to escape.

There has never been a Government with as many crises as this Government in such a short time.  When a Government is in disarray and when there is a sense of disorganisation and lack of focus, the Country suffers and there is anxiety, frustration and hopelessness.

What has been the approach of this Government to managing the affairs of the Country?

  • Tax and Borrowing, Non-renewal of contract workers, Contractors being owed.
  • Brutality unleashed upon people in different ways including Property Tax.
  • Complaining that there are too many in Public Service Jobs. Is this a signal for retrenchment in the Public Service?
  • What are the priorities of this Government in the current scenario?
  • If your revenue is lower you must have priorities.

He outlined Five clear Priorities that the Government should have

  1. Feed the Nation but instead Food Prices have Increased
  2. Ensure that Health is secured but instead Drugs are unavailable
  3. Improve National Security but instead Crime/Murders/Robberies have Increased
  4. Stabilize and Expand Economic Activity
  5. Promote confidence in your Justice System

He also noted that the Government is

Waiting for Oil and Gas prices to rise while there is:-

  • Less Global Dependency on Oil
  • Foreign Exchange Reserves decreasing
  • No new sources of Income being indicated
  • Trinidad and Tobago is fast approaching a failed state status.
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