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Writer involved in selective criticism

logoTHE EDITOR: I refer to a letter by one SM Singh in your newspaper of February 2 2013.

The writer is correct about the incomplete work at Mappipire Road in Tabaquite as well as adjoining roads in Esmeralda.

Unfortunately, the writer fails to also comment on work that has and is currently being done in the very area. 

In Upper Corosal, a Home Work and Activity centre has been built for the children and residents to replace a 65-year-old building which was on the verge of collapse.

In Whiteland, an Empowerment Centre has been built and will be opened in March.

In the very area Ally Avenue has been paved as well as the Corosal Road up to the Esmeralda Branch Road.

This work will continue into Upper Corosal.

At the neighbouring Guaracara Recreation Ground lights are being placed.

Several self-help grants have been given to residents in this area to repair homes.

The writer would have missed the paving of Seecharan Trace which was neglected for 40 years as well as numerous box drains constructed to deal with flooding. Today one can drive from Forres Park directly to Lightbourne in ten minutes and on to Bonne Aventure in another five minutes, a journey which normally would have taken 40 minutes through Gasparillo.

The Mappipire Road and others mentioned will be repaired. One understands the frustration of the writer but the claims of poor representation are unfounded.

The comment on money going into people’s pockets is unfounded and inappropriate unless the writer has evidence to support this, which I will be happy to receive from the writer and have investigated.

The writer can contact me at 761-4924 or can place on my face book or website \’www.tabaquite constituency.com\”

Suruj Rambachan

via e-mail



For the benefit of readers: Referred Letter

Help us in Tabaquite

Saturday, February 2 2013

THE EDITOR: The lack of representation in the constituency of Tabaquite is becoming unbearable and residents are becoming frustrated. The Member of Parliament is Dr Surujrattan Rambachan and to date he is full of empty promises.

The Esmeralda Road, Esmeralda Branch Road and Mappipire Road were promised to be paved for decades. Dr Adesh Nanan and Mr Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj both failed to deliver. Dr Rambachan seems to be no different. When the PNM was in government the cry was “this is UNC Constituency, PNM not releasing funding for this area”. What is the excuse now?

I have noticed that drainage for these roads has started twice in two years and was stopped for no apparent reason. Are contracts being awarded for these roads and the money is going into somebody’s pocket? Dr Rambachan recently said that the people of these areas have to wait, how much longer can we wait?

Within the first year of the People’s Partnership Government, Mr Jack Warner and Dr Rambachan promised to have these roads paved and to date the roads are not paved! The main road in Tabaquite is becoming more and more deplorable on a daily basis. The Corsal Road is deplorable and Gran Couva Road is in terrible condition and this to name just a few.

Enough is enough. It is about time our MP stop taking citizens of the constituency of Tabaquite for granted.




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