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Young Businessman at “Tile Warehouse” Impresses Me with His Customer Service Skills

Within the last two months I have been visiting hardwares and tile suppliers to purchase tiles. I decided to go to “Tile It” in Orange Field Road Chase Villlage to look for tiles. I was impressed with the layout which actually made it easy to choose tiles for both the floor and the bathroom. Interestingly enough, I decided to purchase my tiles at the outlet without doing any further shopping around. By the time I had arrived at this outlet I had gathered a fairly good idea of the range of prices and quality of tiles available in the Chaguanas area. The prices are equivalent and competitive. What made me decide to purchase without any further shopping around was the attitude of helpfulness, attentiveness and service by a young man who is the Manager.

Firstly, it was noticeable that he was on the floor among his sales staff and customers. Secondly, he was dressed in the same company branded shirts as his staff and thirdly he was out to work on time.

His name is Kiran Ramdath.

I needed to estimate the amount of tiles I required. He himself came to the building and did some measurements. As well he collected a building plan to do the calculations. On my subsequent visit to the outlet he spent over one hour with me and my wife helping us to choose and also discussing designs. He never for one moment rushed us or tied to sell us what he wanted to sell but gave us information to make our decisions. During the time we were there he also was attending to other clients and would respectfully excuse himself if he needed to speak to a member of staff or another customer.

He always answered his phone when I called him and interestingly enough, I had forgotten the designs we had agreed upon. Two weeks after purchasing the tiles I had to contact him because I needed to be sure of the design and tile mix. He was able to send me an E Mail with the details within minutes of my call. He even called back to find out if I had received it. About a month after the purchase he called me to say that they had forgotten to load about fifty four sacks of thin set on the truck which had picked up the tiles. This was my fault that I had not verified the quantities. However he was honest enough to note that the thin set was not delivered. He had made the discovery and informed me. His business ethics impressed me and I wish to acknowledge him and his firm.

For a young man in his twenties, this entire interaction with him was highly satisfying and I wish to commend him for his commitment to service excellence and ethical conduct of business.

Now tell me, where will I go to shop for tiles if I am in need of making another purchase. I can compare this with the service of another central company who came to my office to pick up a cheque for the deposit on another item, promised to keep me up to date but I never heard from them until I decide to inquire and then only after three days the salesman contacted me.

A good customer service experience is told to between nine to eleven persons. A bad one is told to between thirteen to fifteen persons. Do the math!
Congrats to young Mr Kiran Ramdath and Tile Warehouse

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